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Career Education & Experience

  • Internship opportunities in the business of sports and additional industries

  • Lunch-and-learns with industry professionals

  • Exposure to different careers and brands

  • Mentorship & career counseling

  • Confronting & discussing stigmas that impede mental health

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of mental health via campaigns, discussions, and connecting students with resources

  • Grassroots relationship building & programs

Mental Health Awareness & Maintenance

  • Addressing social issues that affect the communities we serve

  • Combing structure with the ability to listen and adapt as needed in order to make a lasting impact

Advocacy & Open Forums

voting pic.png
  • Helping students get registered to vote

  • Assisting with education efforts on voting, the registration procedure, and the basics 

  • Non-partisan

Voter Registration


What we do to:

educate, empower,and equip

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